Monday, July 11, 2016

New Blogs!

Kyra Paterson (Canada) - I'm a Canadian age group triathlete blogging at (Kyra on the Go: Adventures of a Paddling Triathlete).
Twitter:  @kyrapaterson

Kevin Koo - (Texas) - newbie triathlete aiming for 2 70.3s in 2016, one of those being the Asia Pacific Championship in Cebu, Philippines. Come follow me as I talk about what motivates and excites me about triathlons as well as see my videos and photos as I get back to nature through camping and hiking.

Megan Hode - Chicago, IL- I'm a lifelong runner turned Triathlete over the last 3 years. RyBread Racing athlete. I took the bull by the horns and completed my first 140.6 only 14 months after my first triathlon.
Read about my quirks and follow my journey!
insta: mhode

Monday, February 22, 2016

Calling on NYC area triathletes!

For those in the NYC region, check out this event!  

WHERE: Citi Field in Queens (inside in the Caesar’s Club)
WHEN: Saturday, March 19, from 10 am – 6 pm
WHAT: Seminars, workshops, competitions, scavenger hunt, swag bag and more
HOW: Registration for the all-access pass (which includes parking) is $55 or $65 at the door

For the first time, the NY TRI EXPO is coming to Citi Field to offer New Yorkers (and the surrounding area) an opportunity to learn, grow and develop as a triathlete. The event is also geared for runners, swimmers and cyclists too.  There will be more than 60 exhibit booths and 20+ workshops on swimming, cycling, running, nutrition, injury prevention, and cramping.

Triathlete Guru and author of "The Well-Built Triathlete," Matt Dixon, will be the keynote speaker. He will talk about how to effectively train for a triathlon.  Matt Long, NYC Firefighter, elite athlete and author of "The Long Run," will receive the “I WILL” Award. Long was in a horrific accident in 2005 and four years later went on to complete the Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid.

In addition, there will be a wearable tech panel from innovators in Silicon Valley, a CompuTrainer competition, scavenger hunt, raffle prizes and swag bag!

The all-access fee is $55 or $65 at the door. The all-access pass includes parking at Citi Field, entry to all seminars, workshops, and activities and a swag bag.  
For more information,

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quiksak Giveaway!

**Not Sponsored**

Reached out to the nice people at
Asked if they would be interested in a giveaway and they were on board!
So many of us change in awkward places (behind our cars after sweaty runs/rides, in cars, in portos after races). Thought all of us could benefit from a QuickSak! 
From their blog: 

The Quik Sak allows individuals to easily change clothes without using a towel for privacy, then transforms into a wet/dry bag by activating the draw cords on either end for easy storage of your wetsuit or sporting gear.

GIVEAWAY - Ends 2/11/2016.  Some items you can do everyday!

Check out their site!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Blogs!

Love to see more blogs continue to roll in even with my lack on posting... as many of you know.. this site is more of a "landing zone" to ck up on the RSS feed for recent triblogger posters so excited to add some more to the list.

Neil Farmer (South) - I'm a Georgia based runner who loves to cycling and has no fear in the water. I'm registered for the 2016 IMChoo 70.3 and 140.6 races and looking forward to writing some interesting race reports along the way. Ironman Chattanooga will be my 3rd full IM.

Rob - Three Ironmans (Canada, CDA and Cozumel) and a bunch of sprints and cycling races. My take on exercising excessively is that everyone can do it and perfection is not needed! Stop by and say "hi" at

Janine (UK) - Marketing Manager with a penchant for triathlon.

John Massie (Midwest) - Training for IMWI 2016

Katie Pridgen (West - UT)—I'm a fairly new triathlete who often places in my age group in local races. I'm training for my first Ironman (Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2016). When I'm not swimming, biking, or running, I live a fairly normal life as a technical writer and habitual Netflix binge-watcher.

CJ Bearce (Maine - East)- Aspiring triathlete in training, who works as a customer service representative for

Tyler Tafelsky -Tri coach who has created an online resource dedicated to the journey, self-exploration, and progression in the sport of triathlon

Nick & Emily (WI- Midwest) - We swim, bike, and run. We completed our first tri in June 2015. We also enjoy cooking, photography, and being outdoors.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rev3 Announces Pro Prize Purse for 2016 Race Season


Disclaimer: As many of you know, I am a member of the Rev3Tri AG Team but not required to share this post or provided any additional perks for doing so... just really excited to see more prize money out there for the pros AND to see the purse grow as Rev3 AG athletes grow!  I love this company and proud to be #BackinBlue for 2016

December 16, 2015 –Revolution3 Triathlon (Rev3) will offer prize money to qualifying professional triathletes at all six Rev3 events.

Rev3 has supported Professional Triathletes since 2009, investing more than 2 million dollars in cash prize purses. Starting in 2016, prize money will be offered at Olympic distance Rev3 races (With the exception of Rev3 Cedar Point, which will be a double super sprint format).

Prize money amounts will vary from race to race, with age group athlete participation numbers being the driving factor in determining the purse amount. Each race will start with a prize purse of $5,000 with a base of 500 athletes. For every 250 additional registered athletes, the prize purse will increase by $2500. Additionally, each Pro race will only offer prize money for one gender, in an attempt to make the money being offered more meaningful to the top placing athletes.

“There is an enormous lack of prize money offered in the US for Olympic distance racing. Based on numerous conversations with the pro community, we feel this is the best opportunity for us to work with Professional athletes. This is meant to be a two-way partnership with pros in helping build the prize purse together for the benefit of everyone.” said Eric Opdyke, Rev3 President.
The designated races are as follows:
• May 22nd: Rev3 Knoxville, Knoxville, TN – Olympic distance – Pro Women Only
• June 4th: Rev3 Quassy, Middlebury, CT – Olympic distance – Pro Men Only
• July 10: Rev3 Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA – Olympic distance – Pro Women Only
• August 7: Rev3 Pocono Mountains, Shawnee, PA – Olympic distance – Pro Men Only
• August 28: Rev3 Maine, Old Orchard Beach, ME – Olympic distance – Pro Women Only
• September 10: Rev3 Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH – Double Super Sprint – Pro Men Only
* In 2017, the designated races will switch genders.
“Rev3 is an important player in the US triathlon scene and I’m happy to see them back for 2016. The attitude and passion that the Rev3 team brings to their race series is incredible and I look forward to possibly testing my Olympic distance speed next season.” says Eric Limkemann, Professional Triathlete and former Rev3 series winner.

Pro athletes will be highlighted on the Rev3 website, and will feature athlete bios as well as links back to each Pro’s website and social media sites. The Rev3 website and social media will be used as a vehicle to help Pro athletes build their individual brands and provide each of them an opportunity to reach new audiences that were not available to them in the past. On race weekend, Rev3 will provide real time updates on Pro races via social media, as well as a dedicated “live” website, which will include videos and live race splits.

“Our goal is to create a relationship with the Pro athletes that will help both us and them. This can be a win-win, and we want to do everything in our power to help the Pro triathlete connect with a new fan base. Our races should be a platform for each athlete to build their brands and earn a pay check while doing it. This program will allow us to grow our event participation via the vast networks of Pro triathletes. As our participation grows, the more we can put back into the Pro purses. We are excited to work hand and hand with these athletes and look forward to exploring ways that we can both grow this sport together!” Said Charlie Patten, CEO of Revolution3 Triathlon

In addition, a home stay program is being created, which will allow Rev3 to guarantee that accommodation will be available to those Pros who can commit to the races early.

“The PTU applauds the efforts of REV3 to help the professional non-drafting Olympic distance athletes. This is certainly an area of the sport that has fallen by the wayside and needs further development. We would like to see a growing relationship between the PTU and REV3 as we both develop.” said Rich Allen, Executive Director of the Professional Triathlon Union.
Pros interested in learning more should email

About Revolution3 Triathlon
Revolution3 Triathlon is an independently owned, operated, and American made family business. We believe that life is about creating experiences, and not about accumulating things. Our number one goal is to provide an environment that is safe and memorable for not only the athlete, but for their friends and family! We have put together the best team in the industry that all share in the same passion and values, which allows us to create a truly, one of a kind, authentic experience designed to put our customers first. 
Nic's Addition:   
All active military, veterans & first responders get 10% Rev3 events! In addition to the discount on all race entries, Rev3 also offers a “no questions asked” refund or transfer policy for all Service Members who are called to duty during a time when they were going to be racing. To take it one step further, refunds and transfers will also be offered if a military activation causes a break of training and makes it impossible to make it to the starting line in proper condition.
Athletes who are interested in this discount should email

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Blogs!

Love seeing people adding their names to the roll. I update it 1-2/quarter and love checking each of you out! If any of you are interested in being featured as a tri-friend, hit me up!

Sarah Alexander (Chicago)- MBA + Elite triathlete. Defying boundaries in my pursuit of excellence. Blog chronicles adventures and lessons learned in business, sport, and life on the whole.

Chris Matthews (Southeast Florida)

Kurt Lindboom-Broberg Eastern (CT) - RRCA Running Coach, Triathlon Coach, NASM Personal Trainer, TRX Qualified, 3x Ironman, Ultra Runner, Vegetarian, Philomath

Martin Ball (Britain) - Hi, I'm over in the UK, have been blogging for about 10 months now. Would love some feedback on the British take on it all

Justin Jones (Las Vegas, NV) -- Father. Attorney. Aspiring endurance & multisport athlete. Red Rock Canyon enthusiast. Region: West (Las Vegas, NV)

30yo Triathlete from Maryville, TN (South)

Lauren Stout- endurance lover, amateur triathlete, IM finisher, mother

David Landers (Northwest) : Freelance writer & blogger being better with travel, writing, and triathlons Seattle, WA & Vancouver, BC
Instagram: @mywetsuit
Google+: davidlandersmywetsuit

Priscilla Askew (TX) - Born runner, Newbie triathlete, clinical nutritionist, wife, mom, and lifetime endurance junkie. On my way to my first Ironman 70.3

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Edge Athlete Lounge (Chicago) Interview and Giveaway!

Love featuring local Chicago businesses and heard great things about Edge Athlete Lounge, so I reached out to them for an interview.  Not only did they agree but also offered up 2 Day passes to 2 readers!   See rafflecopter at the bottom of the interview to enter!

1747 N Elston Ave
Chicago IL 60642
Instagram: @edgeathletelounge
Twitter: @edgeathlounge

1. What inspired you to open EDGE Athlete Lounge?

We know what it takes to Train, Recover, Refuel and Repeat. How? Because, first and foremost, we are athletes.  Over the last 15 years we’ve trained and competed in everything from cycling crits, 5Ks and triathlons, to Ironmans, marathons, and ultramarathons. We understand what goals mean to athletes, and what it takes to achieve them. We also know that getting there is HARD. Through our years of training, we always felt that something was missing – the AFTER.

After finishing workouts we’d try to figure out, “What do we eat? Should we stretch? Do we need to foam roll?” and yet we didn’t have the answers. We struggled with injuries, set backs, and overall fatigue thinking that there has to be a better way to train….it turns out, there is!

We dug into the research and interviewed professional athletes, doctors, and physical therapists to uncover the most innovative methods for recovery and refueling. We then integrated these techniques into our own training plans. The difference was astounding – instead of days to recover after a long run, it was merely an hour. Instead of feeling fatigued, we were energized, healthier, and faster than ever.

And so, EDGE Athlete Lounge was born. Now everyone can TRAIN SMARTER.

2 . What services do you offer?

RecoveryPump Compression Boots, Core and Arms
The muscle pain, tenderness and fatigue that you feel after high levels of exercise is primarily due to muscle cell micro damage and inflammation, which leads to the accumulation of lactic acid, creatine and other metabolic waste the body cannot clear completely during exercise or normal cool down. Simply put, the increasing accumulation of waste and water in the muscle after exercise causes a decrease in performance and an increase of muscle fatigue. These elements must be removed via the venous and lymphatic system to efficiently recover the muscle. Compression devices work to rapidly recover you by:

- Clearing Metabolic Waste 50X faster than regular body functions
- Restoring the natural delivery of oxygen and plasma to the muscles
- Taking 48 hours of recovery down to 1 hour (same day!)

Hot & Cold Water Therapy
Cold Water Therapy = Faster Recovery. By removing lactic acid, reducing swelling and normalizing adrenaline production, the body can recover faster from intense training. Another benefit? Cold therapy also reduces injury recovery time by quickly treating acute sports injuries. 

Hot Water Therapy = Balanced Muscles. As blood vessels dilate, blood flow is increased throughout the body helping to flush metabolic waste and relax the muscles.  Looser muscles mean greater flexibility and less risk of injury in future training sessions.
Electro Stim
Used by physical therapists for many years, Electrical Stimulation ("Stim") is becoming a largely adopted practice by endurance athletes and sports teams to treat injuries and accelerate recovery. When used as a recovery tool, Stim uses electrical currents to simulate the muscle patterns demonstrated in active recovery, but without the impact on joints and tendons. The result is increased blood flow and eliminated waste to the fatigued areas of treatment. 

Laser Therapy
This easy-to-use handheld therapy combines low-level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation to treat damaged cells, promote re-growth, and relieve pain at the specific source. Able to address issues at the cellular level, laser therapy treats various soft tissue areas and injuries including tendonitis, bursitis, back pain, strains and more. 

Recovery Services
To prevent injury, facilitate recovery and optimize performance, EDGE also offers in-house medical recovery personnel for Physical Therapy, Sports Chiropractic including Active Release Technique (ART) and Sports Massage.  

3. What has been the most popular "day at EDGE" like for the majority of your athletes or does everyone do something different

There are really 3 ways that our athletes use EDGE:

- During Training:  Whether it’s a speed session, long session or recovery session, our athletes train and recover with us throughout their training cycle.  The best part is that if they train with us, or get to EDGE within an hour of finishing a session, their recovery time is cut in half!

- PREcovery: Used before a race or key training session, our athletes come in to PREcover before an event so they can have the freshest legs possible. This is how our #freshlegsfasttimes hash tag was created! This session usually includes compression boots, hydration and a healthy dose of chatting to fellow athletes to help manage those pre-race jitters.

- Post -Race: Who wants to feel beat up for days after a race? No one. Athletes find us post-race to minimize soreness and down time so they can get back to doing what they do best.  This session usually includes an ice bath, compression therapy and lots of race day rehashing with fellow athletes!

4. Why is the experience so unique?

Two reasons:

1. Community. EDGE exists to serve the Chicago athletic community, and our athletes are at the center of everything that we do - whether it’s providing support through educational seminars or advanced recovery tools, or creating a sense of community in our Lounge. One of our members referred to us as “Cheers for Athletes” – which is the best compliment you could give us!

2. One stop shop.  We’ve built EDGE to be comprehensive. From a killer bike workout to an ice bath-recovery-boot combo and a Kong smoothie, you can do it all under one roof. Oh, and did we mention that we have free indoor heated parking? Which means you can train like the warrior that you are, year round.

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