Sunday, March 3, 2013

Evergreen Lake Triathlon Coupon Code

The awesome RD of Evergreen Tri gave me a $10 OFF Coupon Code to pass along to readers of ChiTriBloggers.

$10 off for either Sprint or Oly.
Coupon Code:  ETChicago2013  
They also offer discounts for No Shirt and/or Collegiate Athletes as well!  

I have done two races down in Central Illinois from this group (evergreen and tri-shark) and loved both. Only a 2ish hour from downtown and there are lots of hotels that you can priceline/hotwire in that area. The races are priced very reasonably and nice change of pace from Big Chicago Events.  The year I did it, they had the best pulled pork sandwiches after the race... so much better than half cut day old bagels like so many other races! The water is very calm (so no worries about current/cancelled swims) and normally warm.

*Elite Wave
*Prize Money for Oly
*Race has been deemed "Parafriendly by USAT" and the race welcomes all para-triathletes!

Much thanks to Evergreen!  Happy racing!

**Here is my race review  for 2011 of Evergreen!

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