Friday, March 22, 2013

New features & Changes

New Features
  • Added a blogroll on the right side of the main page.  This allows you to scope out who has posted recently vs. clicking on people blogs only to realize they haven't posted since May 2012 and this is the third time you have clicked to see that same post. {Personally, this feature was one the main motivations I started this blog}  Let me know if you don't see your blog coming up.... (disclaimer: sometimes Blogger has issues with adding non-blogspot)
  • Once a month, I am hoping to feature a short article from a USAT coach. Gives coaches a good opportunity to feature themselves and share tips to triathletes.   If you are interested, shoot me an email. 
  • I have changed the name of the site however, not to feel like a total sell out, i have kept specific Chicago Links so those only interested in Chicago people can go straight to that Tab. (This way, the site can still serve its original purpose for those that only want that)
  • I have changed the name so you can either enter the site from: 

Changes in the works
  • A blog button is in the works
  • Another giveaway soon b/c one of the winners email was defunct
  • I plan to clean up the links to the blogs and make them easier on the eyes, give me a week
  • (not right away) But I also hope to create some sort of blog registry where people can search for others blogs with hit words.. not quite sure how to do this but will try sooner than later
  • (not right away) But hoping, if we get say 50+ blogs on the site, we can do blog awards through voting?!
I am still really excited about the site.  I really feel like there isn't a good central point for triathlete bloggers but sooo many forums for running bloggers.  I know the two are very much alike but different at the same time.  I hope you have enjoyed this process as much as I have.  My husband is scheduled to finish school in the fall so I want to work to get the site going till then as this gives me a variety of things to do in the evenings after my son goes to sleep and I am waiting for him to come home. (And yes, many of those nights I am on my trainer, but am always looking for a good excuse)

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