Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tri-Friends! Mike McHale

First installment of "Tri-Friends"  As this site is about the readers, wanted to highlight a triathlete two times a month.  Contact me if you are interested in being highlighted! 

Meet Mike McHale 
He is lucky #1 and training for his first IM;  IM Lake Placid 2013

Mike and his favorite non-living friend
Where did you grow up?
Ha...most people are still waiting for me to grow up!  I was born in San Diego, CA but grew up primarily in Western PA, cheering on the Steelers and making fun of bad drivers.  I moved to Illinois in 1988, when I was in 8th grade.

Where you live now?  
Small town of Byron, IL...of nuclear power plant fame.  We make clouds.

What got you into triathlon?  
All of the women...chicks dig skinny little white guys running around in spandex...right?  I signed up for my first triathlon in 2003, shortly after my first marathon.  I'm not sure how I survived the swim...and of course, I rocked the mt. bike.  I loved the challenge that triathlon presented.  The variety of training, the gadgets, the camaraderie, and the big leg muscles you get from biking.  Actually, I'm still waiting for those.
Distances completed?  
Up through HIM (3 times)...IM to come this summer.
Favorite Leg and why?  
Run is my bread and butter.  No one passes me on the run.  Of course, it helps when their all already ahead of you already.  However, I've really come to enjoy (and embrace) the bike leg over the past two years.  It's been a long lonely winter in my garage (AKA: Pain Cave)...but I'm really excited to see what the summer holds for me...especially in terms of bike gains!  I've been working on "On Your Left!"
Favorite Race? 
Favorite tri would probably be Steelhead 70.3 (when they don't cancel the swim!).  Last time I did it, they cancelled the swim and added a run...which meant I dropped my worst leg for my that was pretty much the greatest thing thing ever.  Boston was a great race, just for atmosphere alone.  Soooo looking forward to Ironman Lake Placid this year!

Your "A" Race this year? 
Ironman Lake Placid
Worst/Funniest Race Moment?  
That awkard moment when you realize that you're about to urinate on your $3,000 bike.  I can't think of any particular funny moments (not related to near death experiences during the swim)...perhaps I should race more. 

What do you do when you aren't doing triathlons?
Hang out with my favorite three people in the world (wife and two daughters) and teach HS physics and math.  I'm a rock God on the weekends (check out Mike and Adam w/Dry White Toast...well, ok...perhaps "God" is a little over the top) and enjoy drinking a good moscato with my wife in cool places such as; Maine, California, Banff, or wherever life takes us.


  1. Good luck at IMLP! I look forward to following the rest of your training!

  2. That's awesome! Good luck on the IM!

    Just finished my first full 2 weeks ago and had to take time off because of an injury during taper.. oops haha so swimming and cycling is my go-to workouts now while I recover. Def looking into tri's now :D