Friday, March 1, 2013


What an amazing response I have gotten in the past 48 hours!  The Blog Roll is gaining momentum and I hope for it to continue.  Please keep spreading the love! Also, I took the liberty of putting some of your twitter bios next to those that tweet.  Let me know if you want to change anything.

Some feedback I have received and my thoughts:
  • To consider letting Southern Wisconsin/ NW Indiana Triathletes be added.  -->Fair enough, considering many of us travel up north to ride/race and we participate in many of the same races... we can play nice as long as they don't mention the Packers
  • People with other social media accounts that are Triathlon based should be included  --> Done! But please make sure your account is mostly triathlon/fitness focused... no accounts that mention one triathlon followed by 500 cat pictures 
  • People seem to like highlighting fellow triathletes so we will start that soon!
  • Coupon codes are good!
This site is for the reader so I hope to include everyone's ideas.  I also will clean up the blog roll page when we get twice as many people!

So speak up, let me know what you want to see... all you People that are good at exercising!

.... if you didn't get that reference, you haven't met Kenny Powers. Click HERE for the youtube clip.   If you didn't at least crack a smile, than you are beyond hardcore. 

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