Sunday, April 14, 2013

Richie Cunningham- Professional Triathlete Interview

Photo fr: Galveston Daily News
First Pro Interview:  
Richie Cunningham
I love being able to get glimpses of the pros out on the course. It is something very unique to triathlon that pros and AG's compete together on the same course at the same time. For some of you, it might give you an opportunity to measure up to them but for me, I just like to see them on the run or hearing "on your left" and see them zip by with a P on their calf.  Last year during Wisconsin Rev3, I walked down to the swim start behind Richie Cunningham and we shared a 'moment' where we tried to find bathrooms with no luck.  He went on to win that day and I didn't, but still got a medal :)

I reached out to Sir Richie and he graciously agreed to answer a few questions for the site.  I kept it short to be respectful of his time and was grateful of his quick response.  He recently just won IM 70.3 Texas and I look forward to him continuing to dominate this year.  And to the midwestereners; he is schedule to compete at Rev3 Wisconsin Dells to defend his Oly Title. 

As you fly to many of your races, do you have a set travel prep/packing/what to wear routine?  Any tips for those who might be flying for the first time? 
In the old days, I used to wing it and pack the last minute and chuck everything in the bike box. These days I use a hockey bag so I have to pack a little smarter to fit it all in. Lately, I've started packing a couple days before. I don't really know where this came from but it's made life easier. The biggest thing about traveling I think is trying to stay hydrated on the plane. And anything you can do to make your travel easier is always recommended. For example, flying out of Denver, they have this Clear card you can buy, which lets you skip the security lines.
Do you have a favorite race? Why? 
It's a toss-up between Rev3 Quassy, Phuket Triathlon, and St. Croix 70.3. All 3 of them are really
challenging courses. Quassy always attracts a great field and has a challenging and enjoyable course. Every time you go to St. Croix you know you are going to get nothing but hard conditions to race in. It's hot, hilly and windy.  Phuket, Thailand is just in a great location and is a great destination race.

Favorite (non-training type) shows to watch when you are on your bike trainer? or just in general.
Most of the time on the trainer I end up channel surfing. In general, I like Dexter, Homeland and anything with a good storyline.

I have read about "your girls" in other interviews.  How are the chicks doing these days?   
To learn more about "the girls", Click HERE to not confuse him with Tiger Woods
The ladies are doing well. I don't need to set an alarm clock anymore since they like to squawk in the morning. They are lucky they produce good eggs or else I might just have to have some roast chicken for dinner. But, they are certainly entertaining.

What sports do you enjoy other than
I love downhill skiing but rarely get the chance to do it. Golf is fun too but I don't do it much. I might get the chance next weekend though at Paul Matthew's wedding. As cliche as it may sound, I actually really love running and I'll probably always run.

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  1. Did the elephant beat him?! I like this interview w/ a cool triathlete who clearly has some other fun things going on in his life than just training & racing!