Monday, April 1, 2013

Tri-Friends! Jeremy Rielley

Meet "Tri-Friend" Jeremy Rielley

Tell us a little about yourself: 
I am from Evanston, Il.  Currently student teaching at an elementary school in Evanston in Physical Education.  I grew up playing soccer then made the transition to multisport a few years after college.

What got you into triathlon? 
I have always wanted to do a marathon, because my dad did pretty much, then on a random run in spring 2010 after my soccer career was over I thought, "hmm, this would be the perfect time to run a marathon". So I signed up for the Chicago marathon.  I have always seen the Ironman World Championships on TV and always thought it was cool but never, ever crossed my mind.  Then after running the marathon, I focused my 2011 season on 70.3s so I would be "ready" for the Ironman in 2012!  So I have been in endurance sports since 2010 but really triathlon training/racing since 2011 and absolutely LOVE it.

Distances completed:
I have done everything from Sprint to Ironman.  They are all fun and have their own battles within the race. The 70.3 distance might be my favorite because it isn't so short where it's over so soon but it isn't 10+ hours like the Ironman but still has many, many races within the race.  I just really love racing any distance.

Favorite Race: 
I have yet to do a triathlon race more than once, will compete at Muncie 70.3 for the 2nd time this season, but I would say the 70.3 World Championships in Vegas is my favorite race.  I qualified for that race in 2011 at Muncie then got my butt handed to me.  It was hot, hilly, windy, HOT but it was a World Championship event which was pretty cool.  The Chicago Marathon is another favorite. I love the course and love the support it gets from fans. Absolutely amazing experience. 
Where do you do most of your training?
I do most of my training around the Evanston area by myself. I belong to the Snapple Triathlon Club but they are based out of the east coast so I do not train with them.  I kind of like training alone, most of the time.  It gives me time to think and I get to battle my mind which makes me much stronger I think.

Your "A" race this year.  
I have a few "A" races this year.  The season starts off with the Boston Marathon in a few weeks, then Muncie 70.3 in July then the USAT AG national champs in August then finally the Chicago Marathon.  Or that's the plan now at least!

What part of the triathlons is the most challenging for you? 
I think the hardest part is really pushing it on the bike.  My worst discipline is the swim but I sometimes have a hard time really going out of my comfort zone on the bike and pushing myself HARD.  I have it in the back of my mind that the run is my best event so I have to save up for it.  Hopefully I can correct that this season!

Worst/Funniest Race Moment: 
The worst moment happened at Ironman Wisconsin.  My legs, for some crazy reason, were seizing up the week of the race and on race day and I could barely walk race morning.  The bike was more painful that I could imagine and I almost dropped out multiple times.  Ended up finishing but it was a brutal day.  The funniest moment, which I bet has happened to many, was at the Pleasant Prairie Oly Triathlon.  I got into T2 racked my bike, put on my shoes and race belt then I was off. Right before I got out of transition I realized I still had my aero helmet on.  Oops!

Jeremy on Twitter 

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