Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guaranteed Entry to 2014 Ironman Wisconsin

Want to race IMOO 2014 and not volunteer, or drive up there for midnight registration??  Well, I have a solution for you! 

Irongirl is starting a program that allows you to get a guaranteed entry (i.e. no volunteer, no standing in line at midnight, no traveling) if you get 4 ladies to sign up for Irongirl Lake Zurich or Pleasant Prairie.   All they have to do it sign up, put your name in the referred by box (make sure they include your full name) and then you email Megan at WTC at and she will process you for a 2014 slot! It is quite simple!

Perhaps you want to buy registrations for your lady friends or you have two friends that sign up and then you realize that signing up your mom and aunt is easier than going up to Wisconsin, getting a hotel and volunteering.  However you cut it, all you need are 4 Irongirl referrals and you are in!!!!

Use LZIRONGIRL13 for $10 off for Lake Zurich
Use Code: PPIRONGIRL13 for $10 OFF for Pleasant Prairie

Fine print:  The 4 ladies must be signed up by June 30, 2013 for either event. 


  1. this is awesome. I am trying to promote Women Triathletes. I have a Facebook group page that all are welcome to join:

    1. can't find you! email me if you wouldn't mind.

  2. If anyone signs up and doesn't have a "referral" please put my name down and let me know so I can get that guaranteed entry! Jeremy Rielley, Thanks!