Thursday, June 20, 2013

GO>ID Giveaway!

Bringing you another giveaway, courtesy of GO>ID.

I was contacted by them to review their new ID tagging system.  As I recently misplaced my other wrist ID, i welcomed the opportunity and it couldn't have come at a better time.

From there website: 
When you’re in need, first responders will need all the information they can get. GO>ID is the personal emergency ID which gives essential information to first responders, even if you aren’t able. You can easily change your personal information as your situation changes. Just print your personal medical ID label on your own printer and you can … Go>Anywhere!    
The ID system comes in 3 different sizes and has free USPS shipping!  Also, if you like their FB page, you can get 10% off any product!!!!

What makes GO>ID different is that YOU make your Own ID info.  This allows you to just reprint a new sticker if any of your info changes.  All you need is a computer, internet and printer!

The GO>ID kit comes with easy to make instructions.  It took me less than 10 minutes to make my tag (with the majority of the time spent figuring out what i wanted on it).  Once you are done making you tag, you can either attach as a jacket pull, shoe tag or velcro to the back of a watch. I will admit, i was a bit nervous that the little tab would poke me if i flexed my wrist back especially on the bike in aero but it didn't it all.  the tab laid perfectly on my arm and didn't notice it at all during my tri this past weekend.  

I also wasn't sure if this ID system was obvious enough for first responders to see however, I did some research and learned that first responders are trained to look at wrists, shoes and necks so i believe it would be easy for them to identify the information.

I have complained in the past about having things on both wrists and my nylon ID being wet and this eliminates those problems!   Overall, I didn't even notice the GO>ID was there, which is probably the best review you could give. I also ran my ID tag through the washer to make sure super waterproof and no water got into the label!  This really is a great ID system and would like to give one lucky reader one!

Ways to Enter
1 entry-Comment on this post

1 entry-Tag us on a post on Twitter @ChiTriBloggers

1 entry-Look for my Instragram Post on the giveaway and comment.

1 entry-Comment on our FB post 

Giveaway ends June 30, 2013**
**Must be a US Resident so I don't have to give up my eating out budget for a week to cover shipping costs

(*Disclosure: I was given 2 free ID systems; one to review and one to raffle.  Not money was exchanged in this transaction).


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