Thursday, June 6, 2013

Switch Aero System: One bike, Two Rides

Was contacted by the guys at Redshift Sports and they hoped for me to spread the love by sharing their new product:  Switch Aero System.   The concept is very cool --> convert the positioning of your road bike to a position of aero like a tri bike...   get it?  ... "one bike, two rides" ... clever. 

 They also have some quick release aero-bars that are super adjustable.

I like this idea for people transitioning in triathlon and not quite ready to get a tri bike.  The guys at Redshift tell me demos will be available and hoping for a ChiTriBlogger to be able to do a review on it when it comes out! Wishing Redshift the best of luck in their fundraising and launch!

 ***FYI, I was NOT paid for this post.. however, if i was, i might have been even more enthusiastic :) ***


  1. I'm training for a 70.3 in Sept. I'd be a willing give it a try participant. Interesting.

  2. Looks pretty interesting! And I agree I think this will be great for people transitioning into triathlon especially because a triathlon bike is a huge investment.