Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tri-Friends: Team Res-Puli

First "Couples" installment of Tri-Friends.  Team Res-Puli

From Nic: Part of me wishes my husband was remotely interested in triathlons and enjoy reading Team Res-Puli's blog for the reason that they are a couple and team.  (However, as much as I would love my husband to TRI with me... i would need need to find someone to drop me off at races so I don't have to worry about parking or lug all my stuff back to the car after?! :)

At any rate...
Welcome Team Res-Puli to TriBloggers!   You can read their bio HERE

Puli started with cycling but did both of you quickly catch the tri-bug or did it take time?
As a couple, we have always lived by the mentality that sharing many experiences together will help us to grow closer in our relationship. Puli started with cycling and Res followed shortly after. We weren’t good or anything, our “long” rides were rides by the Trinity River Trails near downtown Fort Worth and no more that 20 miles, we were feeling safe since there were no cars. We did that for about 3 years and we also did 2 MS150s rides and a few bike rallies during that time. The tri bug came a bit later. Puli’s brother had started training for tris in Colombia. We went there to visit and saw him training, we then came back with the bug and started looking into it. Took us about 5-6 months to find a team that we would feel comfortable with until we found our current team IronTex Triathlon.

What has been your favorite moment during a race that you shared together?
Puli: We have a few favorite moments while racing. It is hard to share a lot during the races because either we are in total different waves or Puli is always slightly faster particularly on race days. Our favorite moment of all times was during our first Ironman 70.3 at Austin. Res had gone in an earlier wave on the swim and I was in the last wave. I had told her that I was going to catch her on the bike and she pushed hard not to let that happen, deep inside her she didn’t want that to happen. I got off the bike and got into the run and at mile 2 saw a couple of girls from the cheering squad that told me she was just ahead and I just ran to catch her. After I caught up with her at mile 3 or 4, we did the rest of the half marathon together finishing the whole thing together. We had gone through a lot a couple of weeks prior to the race when we crashed together and we thought we weren’t going to be able to even get back on our bikes or swim on race day. But that finish was just priceless and pretty much summarizes everything that we mean by doing this together and sharing the moment together. It was more like Res dragging me to the finish line but I wouldn’t change it for anything!.

What is something that is unique to doing triathlons/training as a couple?
Both: There are a lot of things that are unique about doing tris as a couple or even training together. We’ve been able to learn a lot and definitely grow as a couple in this process. Training together has its perks, for one you know you will always have a partner, regardless of how fast or slow each of you go, you know there is always someone in front, behind or sometimes next to you. Also, on a training plan like the one for Ironman (or long distance tris) where you have to balance work, training and life in general, it does help to have a partner in crime with you. It is pretty hard when you go out on a 6:30 hour bike ride and come back exhausted not wanting to do anything. Being a tri-ing couple you get to share that together, where if you are not training together, it might be a bit hard to make sure the other half is happy as well. There are also some perks that we think are also important and unique... for example, you get to go on couple’s massages together pretty often, and that is not only to pamper yourself and spend time together, but because you need them :).

Res: There is something we always say between us, and that is we are not competing against each other. However we always push each other and help each other with our weaknesses. In the beginning, Puli really panicked at the first open water swims. Our coach talked to him and gave him all the pointers, but on the next one I made sure I was swimming next to him. Luckily, he was going slow enough due to his newly found fear, but I was able to reassure him by just being there that it was going to be ok. Now, he doesn’t really need the reassurance and he has become a stronger swimmer. My swimming has also improved, but not enough to catch Puli. :).

What is your biggest struggle as an #ironcouple
Res: One of our biggest struggles is helping each other realize that we have come a long way. Puli’s strengths are more obvious and he has become stronger in all three disciplines. I have also worked my way to become a stronger athlete. Coming from a background where none of the 3 sports were visible growing up, I’ve come long ways.
Puli: Another struggle that we actually got to find towards the end of IM training was that, believe it or not it might sound cheesy, training alone is one of the toughest things to do. I’ve been traveling and while I’ve been going to Oregon where I get a chance to do all workouts and have awesome bike rides, it is not the same for either one of us to do it alone. Res has the team support back home which is good once you get to leave the house, but being alone its hard because it is hard to find that motivation to even get ready. So pushing each other from the distance has been a lot harder. Learning that is hard, and you find motivation comes in many different ways, just need to come at the right time.

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