Monday, July 1, 2013

Tri-Life: Against The Odds by: John Pendergrass

John Pendergrass is a Vietnam Vet and practicing ophthalmologist who decided at age 60, he wanted to take on 140.6. The sub-3 marathoner thought that completing an Ironman wasn't enough and set the goal of completing 6 Ironmans on 6 different continents! This book chronicles his journey with humor, sarcasm, and honesty. From his training in the rain, bike accidents, injuries and "sea creatures" during open water swimming... any AG'er can relate to his experiences in some way.
Image of John L. Pendergrass
The book is inspiring and I walked away with even more respect for the sport and more desire than ever to complete an Ironman.  John embodies Ironman's slogan that 'anything is possible.' I also left with a deeper admiration for those serving in the military which I wasn't expecting at all. I am grateful for John for writing his experiences down and serving our country. 

This site was created to allow everyday athletes to connect and share in each other's experiences. John's book is just another extension of that.  I definitely recommend this book for inspiration, triathlon humor or to live a bit vicariously through a 60 year old and his globe-trotting adventures. 

An excerpt from the book:
For me, the flights in S Vietnam and Laos were bad, but the missions over N Vietnam were terrifying.  The evenings before I was scheduled to fly over N Vietnam were in many ways very similar to the evenings before I competed in an IRONMAN Triathlon.  It was the same style of emotional roller coaster, a time to question your courage, your competence, your sanity. 

In both cases I would lie in bed wondering, "What the hell am I doing?"  From a distance these physically difficult and dangerous challenges had a definite appeal.  It was my opportunity to rise to the occasion, to do things that few people had ever done, to join an exclusive club, to go a step further than necessary.  It's always easy to be adventurous and fearless from afar.  I've always had great armchair courage, it's probably more of a curse than a blessing.  

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**John sent me a copy of his book to review but no money was exchanged and all my opinions are my own.** 

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