Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Blogs!

.. and we have two frog fuel winners.  Congrats to Lauren and Brittany J!

Adam Bosley (MD)-Graduate from the University of Maryland trying to make his print on the world. Whether in health care or in the triathlon world, my goals are limitless

Scott David Johnson (Chicago) -Wine Pro & Age Grouper with Aspirations. 2013 Wattie Ink Elite Team Member. Ambassador to the sport of Triathlon. Dad. Proud to mentor the next generation!

Travis Thomason (CO)- Triathlete first and foremost, but if something involves the outdoors, adventure or a starting line I want to check it out.

Bonnie Smith (FL)- Age Grouper; Swimmer turned Triathlete. Living a Paleo lifestyle for over 3.5 years

Andrew Kalley (NY)

Leslie Block (OR)- 3X Ironman, Aspiring Fast Runner, Enthusiastic Baker, Blogger Ragnar and Nuun Ambassador

Courtney Fields (NorthEast US) - An amateur triathlete attempting to work her way up from being a long time runner to an Ironman

Ian King (VA) -Triathlete best known for flawless execution of the reverse attack and domestiquing for @tri_bailey on training rides

Thomas Costello- (OH) Running 4 H2O Runner turned triathlete. Became active to help those around the world that need help. Providing clean water and hygiene to Zambia Africa and Cambodia Asia through Active:Water.  **Active:Water has been added to the charity section
Stephanie Middlebrooks (South) -  From the couch to Ironman 70.3, follow my journey http://channelyourinnerspartan.wordpress.com/

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