Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tri-Friend - Jamie (Rochester, NY)

Meet tri-friend #12, Jamie from NY.  Her and her husband have their eye on IMLOU2014! 
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1. Tell us a little about yourself in a few sentences
Hi everyone! My name is Jamie and my husband, Mike, and I live in Rochester, New York. I grew up in Maine near Acadia National Park and didn’t appreciate it as much until I moved away. I work at a college as a sign language interpreter. Other than training for road races and triathlons, my husband and I enjoy spending time with our dog and two cats and visiting as many lighthouses as possible.

2. You started with a couch to 5k program, what made you make the leap to triathlons?
Back in April 2011, I told Mike that I wanted to try the Couch-to-5K program and he agreed to do it with me. We were both competitive swimmers growing up, that’s how we met in college, and right before we ran our first 5K (as adults, we both did cross country in middle school) I said that I wanted to do an Ironman.  We had been talking to my dad, who had done triathlons when he was younger (but rowing instead of swimming), and I got the idea in my head. Doing triathlons was a pretty natural progression for us because of our swimming background.

3. What is your A race you are focusing on this year?
My A races for 2013 have already both passed.  Earlier in the year, Mike and I did the Cleveland Marathon. It was our redemption race, I wanted sub-5 hours and Mike wanted a marathon finish (he DNF’d our first marathon).  We also just did our first 70.3 back in July, the Musselman Triathlon.  We both finished and it was an amazing day! We still have another marathon coming up in October, but that one is more for fun since it is my hometown marathon. Our A race for 2014 will be our first 140.6, Ironman Louisville.

4. Favorite brick workout?
Mike and I try to incorporate as many brick workouts into our training as possible. We primarily do bike/run bricks, but there are times when we do run/swim bricks as well.  Our triathlon group has a weekly run/bike/run workout that I enjoy. It is short, 2.2 mile run/11 mile bike/2.2 mile run, with an even shorter option for those who wish to do so.  The atmosphere of this workout is almost like a race and it definitely is hard to hold back.  I enjoy run/bike/run bricks because they help you get used to transitions but keep the run off the bike at a shorter distance. They are also helpful for duathlons, which we do from time to time.

5. Any advice to people starting the journey where you began?
While I wasn’t a first time runner, I had run cross country in middle school and freshman year of high school; I hadn’t run in over 10 years. I basically had to teach myself how to run and the Couch-to-5K helped me be able to do so. There were definitely times when I would get frustrated and wanted to quit, but I never did.
I would tell people that even if you never plan to do an Ironman, or even race a 5K, to never give up and to always believe in yourself. Sure, there will be days when it is hard, that happens to all of us, but you will see improvement in your fitness, endurance, pace and distance. Never limit yourself because you think you can’t do something, I never thought I would want to or be able to do an Ironman but Mike and I are going to attempt that feat next year.

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