Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tri-Pro: Bree Wee

Bree Wee was one of my first tri bloggers I started to follow.  She lives in Kona and is a teacher turned pro-triathlete.  One of the things that I love so much about Bree is her optimism and outlook on life.  Recently, she was led astray on the Hawaii 70.3 race and still tried to remain positive.  Wishing her the best as she chases Kona points to race this year and CONGRATS on her 2nd place at Ironman Philippines yesterday!

Thanks for answering a few quick questions for our site!

Your focus is Kona this year, what is it like to race on home turf on the big island? 
Everyone likes to play in their back yard, it feels the same way a kid feels having the kickball game be on their block

What role has blogging been in your triathlon journey 
Keeping in touch with my family and friends, since I cant take them with me on travel trips it keeps them connected.

Advice for new Pros/Top AG's trying to get sponsorships 
Wish I had help with that...that is my challenge, seeking help. 
 Best thing about being a triathlete. 
The friendships made all over the world, the feeling of reaching a goal, and the places I get to see.

A fun race moment
Ironman Hawaii 2007, Running with Kainoa.

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