Wednesday, August 14, 2013

USAT Nationals... Media Version

Had an absolutely amazing time spectating nationals and meeting some of you.  Atmosphere was awesome and conditions were great.  These are some of my favorite pics from the day with the rest posted on a Facebook album.  Feel free to do what you like with the pictures, all i ask is that you like the FB or follow us at this blog/twitter.  Fair enough i think :)

Bikes that cost more than you want to know
A Women's Wave Swim Start- These girls were loud and fun

ChiTriBlogger Jeremy  killing it on the bike


Swim Start for Men

Tri Friend Ryan Olson warming up.. sans goggles

Team USA
Crush buddy with Chrissie Wellington and happy photo bomber
Love this
Swim Start
Before the first finisher

Warm Up
Chrissie and Ryan
#1 and #2 of the 70-74 AG

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