Monday, September 16, 2013

Tri-Friends: Ciaran Alstowe- England

Meet our newest and youngest tri friend, CIARAN ALSTOWE!

1.  Tell us a little about yourself (in a few sentences)
My name is Ciaran Alstowe, I am 19 years old and currently a student at the University of Bath In England. I have been studying a Sports Performance degree there for one year now, whilst training in Triathlon alongside that. I have always been a very keen swimmer and runner and competed at national level for both of these. I'm a huge music and film fan and love all sport, mainly football (soccer). 
2. You recently quit football to focus on triathlon full time. First, which kindof football and second, what were you motivations for this?
My main focus was always on football (soccer). It was something I always dreamed of doing. However after leaving an academy I found myself only playing local football up to 17/18. I started to swim and run again a bit more and took part in some local events. After years of people telling me to stop football and take up Triathlon i listened. Emma Kate-Lidbury who is currently an Ironman 70.3 professional, currently training in the states, was a one of the people that helped make my decision along with my parents and other friends. Since then I haven't looked back and have been working hard on the bike to catch up for my ill experience. I guess my main motivations were just down to the fact, Ive always dreamed of being a professional athlete and I didn't see that I had a future in football any more despite loving the game. I therefore took up what I was good at and have just gone for it! I have found a knew love and it's just going so well.

3.  What distances are your focusing on this year and are they drafting or non-drafting?
This year I have mainly focused on Sprint distance however I have done some longer stuff and will be competing in an Olympic to qualify for Europeans in September. This year has been a mixture of both drafting and non drafting races. I have missed out on opportunities to race Elite (drafting) due to not having much of a race cv before this year. However as the season has progressed i've managed to find myself getting into the Elite races and hopefully this will help for next season. Iv'e taken this year as a massive opportunity to catch up with the other people around my age who have been doing the sport for years and just keep racing to gain experience. 

 4.  What is your favorite discipline and why?

My favourite discipline... that is a tough one. Coming from a swimming and running backing that's what iv'e always done and loved. But being on the saddle a lot this year to improve my weak link has made me really fall in love with cycling. However when running well and injury free nothing feels better than running, just feel free and great! 

5.  Where do you hope to see your triathlon career in 5 years?
In 5 years time.. Wow that makes you think a bit! Well by then I would of finished my degree and will of possibly sorted a career path alongside triathlon. But the perfect scenario would be that once I settle into the right distance for me whether it be Olympic distance or 70.3 Ironman distance the dream is i go pro. So in 5 years time the perfect thing would be to be racing on the pro circuit and travelling the world.

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