Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tri-Life: Interview with Vice President of IronGirl --> Judy Molnar

One of my favorite things about triathlons is the finish line. Not being the fastest, i don't get to see a lot of people finish but I do get to see the back of the packers finish.. and some of them have inspiring displays of emotions as they cross the finish line. This summer, I was fortunate enough to be an ambassador for Irongirl and had such a fun time meeting ladies along the course and feeling the enthusiasm of all the participants. I asked Irongirl Vice President, Judy Molnar, to answer a few questions about the race series. Appreciate her getting back to me so quick and hope you enjoy the interview!

What was the motivation for creating IronGirl?
The motivation for the creation of Iron Girl for women and by women event series, was to provide a platform to enhance the experience of women who aspire to be part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Women inspire, and women inspire others. Iron Girl wanted to capture that inspirational energy and support it with a multi-faceted lifestyle program. Through the Iron Girl events we wanted to reach out and take steps to help empower women to take care of themselves so they can take care of others.

How does Irongirl and Ironman brands complement each other? 
Both events give everyone a chance to participate in an active lifestyle, achieve their personal best and do something extraordinary.

Do you anticipate growing the Irongirl brand to include the Olympic distance? 
We have returned the International distance course to the Athleta Iron Girl Lake Las Vegas this year. We are hearing from more and more women that this is the next distance they want to train for and in an supportive environment such as Iron Girl.

What has been your favorite experience working with the women new to the sport? 
Watching the smiles as they cross the finish line for the first time. They did it, they are excited and often say, their life is forever changed! In life we have a few opportunities to make a difference. I believe what we do at Iron Girl for the participants is give them a platform that marks a milestone in their lives. Whether it is their first or 100th event, the joy is the same, I did it, I finished, I reached my goal!

What new and exciting features can we anticipate for 2014?
We are looking at adding additional events, including more amenities for the participants and community programs for women participating in our events to join together for training groups and socials.

Check out their race series HERE!   
Use Code: TRIBLOGGER for $10 all events 
(except Fountain Hills and Del Mar - Sorry, they aren't doing codes for those)

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  1. Just participated in my first Irongirl event today and it was AWESOME! Well organized, great volunteers, amazing post race food, wonderful t-shirt and medal! An A++ race!