Monday, October 7, 2013

New Blogs

Jenny Leister - (NC) Criminalist by day, pro-triathlete by early morning, comatose by night.  **Tri-Pro interview coming soon!

NormalGuyTri (WA) -Just a normal guy who likes to do triathlons. Short distance, that is (Sprint/Olympic).

John Flynn- (NC) Triathlete, Software Developer, Tattoos, Ironman. Christian, Husband, Father, KCCO, I love to train hard and eat healthy

Rachel (Chicago)- Just completed 1st Ironman (IMWI 2013) Blog about training, injury treatment/prevention (I'm a PT), and training/racing with Crohn's/ulcerative colits.

Linda Kay Richards (Toronto, CA) -Mom to 2, Ironman triathlete, runner, workout-addict, and lover of the sun. Currently training for Miami70.3 and A race IM Cozumel 

Cynthia (Wash DC)- mom of 3 little kids trying to balance running and triathlon training with working FT and traveling. Just completed my first sprint triathlon with the goal of signing up for bigger triathlon goals next season and beyond.

Steph Hance (SC) - engineer by trade, but I also enjoy participating in the activities mentioned in my blog's name - though generally not all at once.

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