Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Blogs & Headsweats Giveaway!

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving whether you were trotting, eating or watching some crazy college football games on Saturday (OH... IO!)

Had some great blogs to add to the list and wanted to do a giveaway in the spirit of belated Thanksgiving!  Love Headsweats as all triathletes should and was provided some free gear perfect for training and racing.
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Cort the Sport (VA) - 45-49er, USA Triathlon Team USA, Boston Marathoner, Working Mom 

Elyse Gallegos (TN)- nurse, triathlete, and nutrition junkie. Fueled by and sponsored by ,

Summer Ohlendorf - (WI) Amateur triathlete and semi-pro volcano nerd at Wisconsin. Former Cal rower. President. Ecstatic to join Team 2013!!! 

Triathlete Chronicles (Brisbane, Australia) BOP ironman triathlete and soon to be ultra-runner. 

Wornout Soles Region (upstate NY)  Because nothing beats wearing out a pair of pretty pink running shoes

Ron Searle- (Chicagoland) a dad, business owner, ex-fatman, ironman, and Rev3 Teammate
@pcs_ronbo on twitter

Andrew Weaver (PA) - Fat man turned triathlete turned ketogenic machine aka doughboytoironman
Co-founder of Ironman: Year One Podcast (with John from where i was recently featured!  (ignore how horrible 80's movie trivia ability... got stage fright!  

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