Monday, December 23, 2013

New Blogs!

Elizabeth C. McCourt - (New York)- Writer, Triathlete & Foodie sponsored by - 15% off promo code: EMCCOURT

Mile 24- (New York, NY) Eye Candy for Endurance Athletes TriWives (All over the country)- A Place For All Triathlete Supporters. 3 wives of triathletes, moms (to kids & pups), runners, & so much more, taking you behind the scenes of this lifestyle. 

Brad Williams  (Fort Forth Texas) - Proud member of Team RWB, HoneyStinger Hive '13 and USMilitaryES.

Bobby Craig (FL)-Firefighter/Triathlete

TriBoomer (Dallas, TX)-Husband, father of four, endurance sports writer, 6x Ironman triathlete for charity, ultra-marathoner.

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