Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tri-Friend: Courtney Fields (Geneva, NY)

Courtney is from NY and our next tri-friend.  She has been supportive of this site via twitter and excited to feature her.  She recently made the jump from running to triathlons with a full in her sites in 2015!  For anyone thinking about giving a tri a tri, she is a great blog for inspiration!
1. Tell us a little about yourself in a few questions
I first started running at age 12 when I joined my school's modified track team. I ran track as a short distance hurdler for many years. After high school I was an on-again off-again runner until 2011 when I really settled into permanent training mode. Because I was trained as a sprinter I never though I could be an endurance athlete, but I took a stab at it and here I am. I'm a health educator, New York State certified health education teacher, and a nationally Certified Health Education Specialist. Health, wellness, and fitness truly are a passion for me as well as my career.

2. What about triathlon intrigued you and scared you the most?
The challenge. I'm good at running and I needed something else to push my limits. I saw a number of people I went to high school and college with participate in a local Iron Girl triathlon in 2011 and that was when I decided I would run that race the following season as my new challenge. The challenge of it all is also what's scary about it. It's such an extreme sport and requires you to be well versed in three separate disciplines. This adds such a demand on training and on the body. But the little bit of scary is what makes it so exciting.

3. What has been your biggest learning experience in the transition of becoming a triathlete?
That I am capable. I never thought I was capable of running more than 3 miles and I definitely never thought I could do everything that triathlon requires. Triathlon has taught me that I can push my own limits, both physically and mentally, and accomplish anything I want. So many people say to me "I could never do that" but really the answer is yes you can. Anyone can and I believe that with all my heart. Everyone is capable and triathlon can prove that to you, as it did for me.

4. What gear was your MUST HAVE when you first started?
A decent bike and a good tri kit. I bought a brand new entry level road bike right off the bat. I had zero bikes, so I had to buy one regardless. I also immediately got clipless pedals and shoes and I would recommend them beyond anything else starting out. Also, a well fitting tri kit that suits your needs means being comfortable during the race, which is so crucial.

5. What is your goal race for your next year?
For 2014 I am currently registered for The Rat Snake Reverse Triathlon, IRONMAN 70.3 Syracuse, Musselman Mini Mussel Triathlon, and the Empire State Half Marathon. I'm hoping to place top ten in my age group at Iron Girl Syracuse, run a total of six triathlons, and hopefully run my first full marathon in preparation for IRONMAN Chattanooga in 2015.

Check out Courtney!

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