Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tri-life: Tri Properties: Swim.Bike.Run.Stay

Was recently contacted by a blogger Matt Landau at Vacation Rental Marketing Blog.  He recently wrote about a new company that specializes in rentals for large tri-races, Tri Properties.   He passed along the info as he is not only a Marketing blogger but a triathlete who follows our site and thought readers could potential benefit from this resource.  I was intrigued and i know some of the bigger races have such demand for housing, I wanted to share.  As usual, this is NOT a sponsored post. 

To read Matt's full article, click HERE but here are some excerpts from the article. 

Owner Darrin with his son
Darrin originally started renting out his property in Penticton, British Colombia for the Ironman Canada triathlon event roughly 9 years ago.
Since the Ironman event brought 3000 athletes to the Penticton area, the demand for Darrin’s property was high and everyone was busy during that time (and for other triathlon events in the area).
 As many of us have experienced with our own personal success, Darrin began receiving the obligatory “Can you please rent our property for us?” requests from family and friends.

Darrin had no problem recommending other local properties to his overflow triathletes. But it was only about two years ago that Darrin did some research and found that there was no website for triathletes to book properties: neither in Penticton nor elsewhere in the world.

That was when Tri Properties was born with the slogan, Swim. Bike. Run. STAY.
Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 12.55.51 PM
This is designed as a vacation rental listing site exclusively for the very concentrated and serious demographic of triathletes. I am particularly in love with Darrin’s idea because I am a triathlete myself. But for those that don’t know much about triathlons:
- The industry is one of the fastest growing sport segments in the world
- The average spend-per-capita (between air travel, gear, lodging…etc.) is amongst the highest of any sport
- The average participant is an adult between the ages of 32-55
- Summary: Most triathletes bring their families along for support, turning events into group vacations making rental properties the ideal spot for them to hole up for a few days before and after a race.

Why is Darrin’s Tri Properties such a great niche?
Because it’s complimenting the budding vacation rental industry with a similarly booming trend that Darrin knows intimately: triathlons.  And about his (albeit early) success, Darrin says the response has been fantastic amongst the triathlete community: “Almost everyone that we speak to loves our idea.  We already have triathletes waiting to book properties from us.  With that said we have a limited supply of properties.  We are currently working as hard as we can to try and build our supply of properties around the world (in triathlon locations).”

And as if his main idea wasn’t good enough, Darrin wanted to put a philanthropic twist on his business and so he came up with the idea that if property owners listed their property with Tri Properties, his company could, in return, build houses for people in the developing countries!

Tri Properties donates a portion of their profits to help build houses for people in desperate need of shelter. And inspired by the TOMS business model, Darrin allows anyone to come on their mission trips to help build the properties themselves!!!

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