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Tri-Life: Tri Wives Club

I believe I have a very supportive husband when it comes to my racing however as the planner in the relationship, his preparation for races normally includes the following and nothing else.

His version of preparing for a race normally goes like this. 
Scott:  "Nic, where is the race start?" 
Me: "High Cliffs State Park"
Scott then googles "golf courses near High Cliffs State Park"

For us, that works but if i was the supporter, i would probably be a lot more methodical and plan a lot more.  This is where TRI-WIVES CLUB comes in. 

Straight from their "about us section":
We are Dana, Jodi, and Sherry – three wives of triathletes.  For those not as familiar with this sport, it involves 3 disciplines –swimming, biking, and running; a variety of distances from Sprints to a full Ironman; and in-seasons and off-seasons.  Had it not been for our desperation to find enough activities to occupy an 15 hour race day (that had its beginning at 4 AM mind you), our friendship never would have flourished. Part of what kept us occupied included sharing stories about our guys. We soon realized we had so many and couldn’t possibly be alone.  

Loved what they were about and their dedication to their triathlete.  They have spectating tips, considerations for travel and 'Life with a triathlete' posts.  

Anyways, I thought this site could be useful for any family/couple/dedicated friends that support their endurance athletes.  Here is a re-publish of an article about Tri-Camps from a family perspective.  Enjoy!!


by jbswdz on September 27, 2013
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Midcoast Triathlon Club Camp looking very happy

Is a Tricamp a good idea for a family vacation? While your triathlete may be enamored of the idea, is it the best choice for your family?  Well, it’s an excellent question and can be a resounding yes, IF it’s the right Tricamp.  As part of our Kids In Tow series, we are taking a look at Tricamps to help you decide if they are right for your family. 

There are actually several different types of camps. There are Tricamps geared for triathletes to train or perfect technique and then there are Tricamps geared for the family to share in.  And, in our opinion, Tricamps are a much better vacation than one where your triathlete tries to train on his/her own.  If an athlete is going to be out training for 4-6 hours a day, wouldn’t you rather be around like-minded families than doing it on your own?

This short series will feature a few specific Tricamps over the coming weeks, but until then, here are the basics.

Tricamps geared for the athlete.
These are camps that go morning until night and are usually held at a race site or training area.  They are also generally run specifically for training and improving technique as a triathlete, so can be quite training-intensive. 

They are often run by race organizations or coaches.  While they may be great for the athlete, they can be more limiting for the family.  Just be sure to research what activities are available in the area to keep the family occupied.
Time to perfect the swim technique.....

Tricamps geared for the family.
These camps are designed specifically for the family.  Usually, they are run by a Triclub or a race site.  They allow for and encourage family time and have events specifically designed around families.
The camps we love offer:
  • 2-3 workouts/meetings a day for a total of no more than 6 hours
  • are at a location that offers a lot to do for the WHOLE family
  • have scheduled family time and activities for kids of all ages
  • have meetings for trisupporters to join in when talking about nutrition
  • offer great healthy food
Tricamps on your own.
This is where you decide to vacation at a race site and your athlete says he/she will train while you are there. As you can imagine, it certainly cuts into family time and being unstructured, can cause stress and strain for all.  It would be a great idea to discuss details ahead of time in terms of how to achieve a balance between athlete and family time.
So, there you have the basics.  It is up to you to decide if the Tricamp is right for your family.  Remember, we will be giving some examples of Tricamps in the coming weeks.
The TriWives

Check them out!  

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  1. Thanks so much for posting our information, Nicole. Greatly appreciated. We have lived the triathlon lifestyle for quite a few years now and after being asked for advice from other trisupporters, we decided to create The TriWives Club to share our experiences. We hope it helps make other supporters' lives easier & provides a venue for conversation & support. We would love to hear if there are topics your readers would like to see. Again, many thanks. Sherry Wernicke