Friday, January 10, 2014

Tri-Friends: Family Sport Life

The Newman's were in the first wave of people I connected with.  Their site is written by the triathlon supporter vs. triathlete which makes their blog unique. (John does include posts that are very detailed about race training (think pie/bar graphs) along with race reports  -  They tag posts as well for easy filtering) Was inspired to feature them as Holly Bennett's latest article in triathlete magazine is about triathlete supporters. This could be a great blog for not only you but your spouse/significant other/family/pets (did i include everyone to be PC?) to check out!

What is FAMILY SPORT LIFE all about?
Running Familysportlife.netFamilies are busy, life is stressful and working through everyday challenges can be exhausting. We are here to provide resources to assist in getting through the day-to-day. We have meal planning ideas, recipes, motivational posts, training ideas, playlists, promo codes for great products, and other tips for getting through life. Even on your worst day, you can find some inspiration. Family Sport Life is about encouraging others to be the best version of themselves. It's about meeting people where they are and supporting them at that point in their journey. John and I are building a community and make ourselves available through social media and email if someone needs to reach out. We love connecting with our readers.
Who came up with the idea? John started the blog because he wanted to tell his "fat to fit" story and to memorialize the lead up to completing his first 140.6 at Lake Placid in July 2014. He wanted to capture the triathlon lifestyle. Originally called Iron Family, we realized our readers came from other sports or no sports at all. When we got over the shock of people actually reading our blog, we rebranded it to capture more of what we are about and more of what our readers are about. Family, Sport, Life - everyday inspiration.
What is your goal with your blog and who is your "perfect reader" (the athlete or supporter). I am in the field of organizational development where I work with corporations to create a vision, align that vision with strategy, coach executives and employees, and motivate team work. The goal of the blog is to allow me to bring this knowledge to families! Families are organizations that can benefit from the same vision development, strategy alignment, goal establishment, and skill building. We think this type of family development would be beneficial for triathlon families and non-triathlon families. Of course John is going to talk about his training experiences and geek out on his newest hacks or gadgetry. I have some races on the calendar too and will talk about them on the blog. Sport is a great metaphor for life; we want to share all that we as a family learn from our experiences. 

What is your perfect reader - athlete or supporter? BOTH. This year I really found my groove as a Sherpa Wife. I fell in love with the sport and learned important relationship lessons along the way. We love to support athletes and know how important it is for them to be supported. We also know how difficult the sport can be on families and relationships. We aren't perfect but we are positive about working through our challenges. It's also fun to get into the training and technical aspects of the sport.
Tara, do you have any interest in doing triathlons?
I do have interest in doing triathlons. It's not an official goal for 2014. Although, I have dreams of being really bad ass (can I say that?) one day. I am slowly working on gaining strength and endurance. It does not come as naturally to me as it does to my husband. I am a slow adapter to stress on the body. I also don't love "racing". I love to train. 2014 is promising to be a big year for us so we will see.

What is your biggest piece of advice to triathletes looking for support from their loved one and/or how they can make the experience better for both of them? - oh dear! Read our blog? I guess if I had one it would be communication. You have to communicate a lot. About everything. Even the scary stuff. Allow yourself to be vulnerable so the communication is honest. them at:


  1. Thanks Nicole. With have to come up with some Tri Supporter Tips for pets...ASAP!

  2. Welcome to the List of Triathlon Blogs family! I can't wait to explore your blog more!