Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tri-Life:Interview with Nick Wernimont of Factor 75 + Meal Giveaway

I met Nick last month when he catered food to my tri club meeting.  His company, Factor 75, offers healthy meal delivery options that satisfy not only the taste buds but your nutritional needs.  I had the squash lasagna and kale and it was amazing.  As someone who isn't a naturally healthy eater, this food blew me away.  Excited to feature him especially for the CHITRIBLOGGERS, as he is Chicago based but has future plans for nationwide delivery. (as always, not a sponsored post other than the meal giveaway!  Yeah, more giveaways)

1. What is Factor 75?
Factor 75 believes in living life to the fullest and making moments that matter. We exist to fuel people’s desire to thrive by preparing and delivering freshly made meals designed to enhance mind and body. Not only do we design our meals to give your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best but they are delicious as they are healthy! Through Factor 75, our customers get to enjoy the food they love while freeing hours of their day to spend enjoying the activities they love.

2. What was the inspiration for the name?
The name was born out of a personal experience and a tremendous amount of research and interviews with health and fitness professionals. The personal experience occurred about 8 years ago when I was a year or so into my MMA career and found that my body was breaking down. I was constantly tired, often injured and felt like I was 27 going on 80… I had a trainer introduce me to a personal chef who worked with athletes and she began cooking my meals in her kitchen and delivering them weekly. The change was incredible and almost immediate. Physically I had more energy, faster recuperation and was performing better in the cage than ever before. I started actually training less and performing much better. Additionally, I noticed an incredible difference in my mental performance; sleep quality and overall feeling of well-being. I couldn’t believe the difference that her meals and nutrition played on my performance and really, quality of life. I started reading a lot of research on nutrition and its effects on performance. I talked with dozens of health and fitness professionals and read through study upon study and an amazing truth kept coming up. Depending on the source, studies and researchers show that anywhere from 70-90% of an individuals performance is dictated by what they put in their body. Because of my personal experience I knew this to be true and felt it was an amazing fact that most are not aware of. And thus Factor 75 was born…. Thankfully it was much easier to trademark than many of the other names we were kicking around as well!

3. Why does factor75 work for endurance athletes specifically?
The reason Factor 75 works so well for endurance athletes is because of almost any type of athlete, their performance is so directly tied with their ability to give their bodies the fuel it needs to continue training everyday while also rebuilding their muscles afterward so they can continue to improve and not plateau. Additionally, training for a triathlon or marathon takes an incredible amount of time. If you have a job and/or family and your having to spend a lot of time training, it’s almost impossible to take the time it requires to eat healthy on your own. Between going to the grocery store, prepping and preparing a meal or driving/walking to a whole foods or restaurant, waiting in line and so on, you end up spending a good hour to two hours everyday just dealing with what your going to eat. Oftentimes they end up sacrificing something. Whether its time with family, work or their actual training, something gets left behind. With Factor 75 you can still enjoy what you eat and give your body the fuel it needs to perform while not having to spend all the extra time usually needed to do so.

4. For anyone getting meal delivery, what do you recommend for their families??
That’s a great question and one I’m glad you asked. One thing I believe really differentiates us from other meal delivery services is that we take the dishes you love and grew up on, deconstruct them and replace the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones without sacrificing the taste or in most cases, improving the taste. The end result is a delicious dish that you know and love only healthier and ones that the whole family can enjoy. Who doesn’t like lasagna or mac & cheese? These are just a few of our dishes that just adults and kids alike can enjoy.

5. Do you recommend that people get all 3 meals delivered if they want to sign up?
I always recommend customers use us however they want or need to. What I mean by that is we are not a “here’s 21 meals a week, you’re not going to eat anything outside of what we send you” type of service. Our company is very mindful that our customers have very busy lives and need flexibility. It’s unrealistic to think that you’re not going to have a business lunch, dinner with your spouse or even a lunch with friends throughout your week. We are meant to be a service that helps plug the holes when you need a delicious, healthy meal and don’t either have plans or the time to prepare one for yourself. You can order however many meals you want from us, whenever you want and tell us when you want them delivered. We prepare all of the meals fresh to order the evening before, then deliver them the next morning in insulated bags or boxes with gel-pacs that will keep them cold for 12-24 hours in case you are not home to receive them. So I don’t usually recommend using us for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. Some weeks you may need us for 12 or 15 meals of the 21 you plan to eat. Other weeks you may have a lot of plans and only need us for 5 or 7 of your meals. It really gives our customers the flexibility to use us when they need and not have to waste meals because they have a life that includes enjoying meals with others at times.

We currently deliver to anywhere within in a 40 mile radius of Chicago. All deliveries are free for anywhere within the city limits. There is currently a delivery charge for the suburbs but soon we will be offering very low delivery and even free delivery everywhere outside of the city as well.
Check out Factor 75 at:  

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