Sunday, February 16, 2014

Waves Gear Towel Giveaway

Still feeling in a loving mood, 
here is a belated Valentines Giveaway!  
One person will recieve a $30 GC for WavesGear!  (amount will cover a towel and shipping!)

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This review was done by me and I was given a towel for review (no other compensation given)

A while back, i was given a Waves Gear Towel from the founder himself, Blake M.  I have known Blake for almost 10 years and have loved watching his company grow into what it has been become.  Waves Gear first introduced their floating sunglasses to the market and then expanded to towels. The towels are made from microfiber and dry faster and fold smaller.  

When i learned about his towel launch, i told him how awesome these would be for triathletes.  He immediately offered for me to review a towel and gave me one to try out.  [**  Disclaimer ** I was given the towel for review but no other compensation was given. ]

These towels are awesome b/c they are significantly smaller than "normal towels."  As you can see with my comparison towel, Waves Gear actually covers more surface than a "normal towel."   This is great for my transition bag as it literally can fit into a waterbottle pouch. If you don't believe me, i took some pics.  The "normal towel" is a pottery barn towel I use to shower with. 

I took these pictures when i first got the towel and have used it probably 6 times since (2 showering and 4 times swimming.)  I do not believe the towel is designed for everyday shower use as it isn't as absorbent at the 'normal towel' (which is why it can be so small)  However, for swimming it was great and am very excited to use during triathlons.  Because the towel dries noticeably faster, there is a large chance my towel will be dry if i don't put it in a heap b/c i am so slow :)  (one positive for lack of speed.. no more soggy towels to go home with)  But even if it was wet, you could easily put in a quart zip up bag! 

Definitely recommend this towel for triathlons and beach use.  I can't wait to take it for a spin when the weather FINALLY breaks here in chicago.  Waves towels retail for $25 dollars or a three pack for $60. 


  1. Is the towel giveaway done? I would love to win!

  2. Hans- Yes it is done, sorry winner was missing on widget. Wavesgear runs awesome deals on groups and living social if you follow them on FB. thanks! Cheers. Headsweats giveaway in the works