Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Blogs + Headsweats Winners!

New Bloggers and Headsweats winners below.  First to email me gets their pick of visors!

German AG'er with Kona dreams

Northeast Region- Athena triathlete who hopes to inspire people to put their best foot forward and conquer their goals. Anything is possible!  Powered by BLING is my journey to a more active, family-focused, whole food life! I am a breast cancer survivor, wife, mother and forensic scientist.

Jess (Nashville, TN)  - Triathlete by day, ER nurse by night. Proud back of the pack marathoner. Lover of neon yellow, carbo loading & training with my hubby @TrainerDavey. #FFA & #SPA

Holly Lowe Jones (West Coast)- Mother•Triathlete•Blogger•Model•Fitness

Sprint Distance Triathlete. Triathlon mad. Love the race, the tech and all the gear. IronMan in the making.
twitter @best_tri_gear

Cupcake Triathlete (Northeast Region )- I'm a baker and sugar artist, working mom, and aspiring triathlete - my blog follows my adventures in owning a home business with my husband, training and tri-ing, and juggling life's craziness with full time job and two gorgeous kids.

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