Monday, June 2, 2014

Motivation Monday: Coming back from injury

From Nic:
Life has been crazy for my lately.  Husband is in full "studying for the bar" mode while I am in full "ready for tri season mode".  However, my focus has been deemed less important therefore I am the full anchor at home.  But, i have a lot of things cooking for the blog including launching a page to share race reports so stay tuned! Also have some features of new bloggers in the works... so please stay patient... i won't let the blog die!

Today, I wanted to feature someone who has provided me a lot of inspiration in my life and her story might be helpful for others who have had challenges in life and are coming back from injury.  I have known Denise for about a year and she is one of the most positive people i know.. and it is infectious!  It is impossible not to be happy with her around.  She is training for IMWI at the moment and leads the Women's Half training program for Chicago Endurance Sports.  

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your endurance background  
I have been running marathons since 1994 and after about 17 marathons I wanted to see what else I was made of so I trained for my first Ironman (Wisconsin 2003) to see what else I was made of. This was a huge accomplishment for me as I didn't know how to swim at the time and I am still afraid of open water. But I believe that is living and how you truly grow is by facing your fears and stretching outside of comfortableness. To date I have run 54 marathons (19 Chicago Marathons) and did the 2003 and 2011 Wisconsin Ironman. My older sister Debbie inspired me to run my first marathon after she ran hers in 1993. So this year I am inspiring her to do Wisconsin this year...and yes I am still afraid of open water but know that I will be OK as I just stand on the shore for 2 minutes while the other athletes take off
2. What triathlons are you training for this year?  how has training been going?
I am doing Wisconsin Ironman with my sister this year. This past weekend was the first time I have been on my bike since the 2011 race. Can you tell I really love running?  Being back on the course this weekend really made me appreciate how fortunate I am to compete and wow it really is a beautiful course. I had to break up with my running shoes this week and start seeing my bike and swimsuit/goggles.

3. Wht is run-for-change and why did you start the program?
I used to be all about finish time instead of finish lines, until 8-16-2009, when I was struck by a car on my way to the New York Half Marathon. I ended up shattering the windshield, bouncing off the hood into the front of the car and hitting my head on the street.  I broke my L1 thru L5.  Before that life awakening and life enriching day, I was running 60-70 miles a week, couldn't miss a work out, had to PR at every race or I would beat myself up.  I felt like running and racing were the only things I could control in my life...what I put in..I new what I would get back from it.  Running also gave me myself esteem. Prior to working with Greg Domantay I had no idea I could run a 3:15 Marathon, qualify for Boston, win 25Ks, win $1500 from the Chicago Marathon for being fastest Master Female from Illinois. But on 8-16-2009, having survived that accident, I realized that God had a purpose for me. That purpose was to share my passion for running and also to help fellow runners realize that running is a gift and it's not just about our finish times.

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