Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tri-Life Spotlight -- Alphawoolf

Been watching my analytics and there are a fair about of followers from Europe and wanted to feature a European company.  I met Michel (Head of Global Sales at Alphawoolf) through FB and excited to feature his company in a Tri-Life Spotlight.  Alphawoolf sponsors Starky (the real one... like as in the real one :) and Marino Vanhoenacker

Tell us a little about yourself and your triathlon background 
I have been in various international sales director positions working for big corporations to mid size companies in various industries. From my sports background you may call me a runner who learned to swim and bike. I have a ultramarathon history but was always passionate about Iron Distance racing. My first Iron Distance race I did in 2010 and am hooked eversince then. I finished several ultra marathons, 70.3 and Iron Distance Triathlons. 

Alphawoolf is an internationally based shoe company, what sets them apart from others? Actually Alphawoolf respectively its roots reach back to 1967. The company has a long history of manufacturing shoes of all kinds for large retailers. Alphawoolf is the high performance running spinoff from the woolf sports & casual GmbH. Unlike other smaller shoe companies we have the benefit of a huge research and development team that is constantly trying to improve look and feel of our shoes and always integrate state of the art materials. At the same time we keep the prizes at a very moderate level since we do not employ a huge „overhead“. Using synergies with the woolf production and development sites makes this feasible
Can people order shoes in the US? and how do they determine what fits them best knowing shoe shopping is hard to do without trying them on. 
Technically people could buy the shoes on our website. We have a very simple „tool“ to help people find their right size. As you can imagine this is not a very efficient way in terms of time and transportation costs. We are currently talking to a potential distributor in the US
 Marino Vanhoenacker Zieleinlauf
What is one of the biggest misconceptions about running shoes?
 From our point of view it is the myth that everybody has some sort of feet/legs that need to be fixed with a shoe in order to run without injuries. We are not saying that ( some ) people do need support. Getting this support by a shoe that is not tailor made for your "issue" will rather worsen the situation. That’s why we manufacture only neutral shoes. Use orthopedic inner soles for any sort of support/ correction.

What do you recommend for feet wellness? Cross train and don’t only eat miles. A lot of runners do neglect their upper body. A good posture will help you being a healthier and stronger runner. Also Go to the gym to strengthen your core muscles!!

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