Monday, October 13, 2014

Challenge AC- Only $199

For a limited time.. you can sign up for the innagural Challenge AC Half for $199!
I plan to be there and may or may not ask aid stations if they have fries or maybe a slice of Manco Manco pizza :)  Who is joining me!?!

Here are some of my personal Jersey vacation tips for those traveling there!

Here are a few questions Challenge answered to those wondering about changes.
1. Yes, we are offering a HALF distance to run simultaneously with the Full.
2. Yes, there will be relay and AB options for the HALF as well as the Full.
3. Yes, we tweaked the Swim, Bike, and Run courses to make them awesome'er than 2014.
4. Yes, this is the ONLY Full World Class Triathlon in the state of New Jersey...and the only race in the US with over 65,000 spectators/shoobies on the run course.
5. Yes, there will be Boardwalk Fries at the Finish.

I took this pic and sent it to my husband this summer... too much my waistline tells me :)

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