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The best sports sunglasses: are multiple lenses worth the money? By Tim Hallworth

Wanted to share an article about some insights on sunglasses and lens selections.  I met Tim and his wife through the blog and loved his knowledge about sunglasses and what we really need as triathletes. He is the founder of AMO Sunglasses and has a true passion for optical technology (NON SPONSORED POST)

Here is a recent article he wrote about  

The best sports sunglasses: are multiple lenses worth the money?

Not every sports sunglasses lens handles every light condition, and multi-sports athletes will often own a variety of pairs of sports sunglasses. Why? What do athletes need from their lenses in the best sports sunglasses?
Not every sports sunglasses lens handles every light condition, and multi-sports athletes will often own a variety of pairs of sports sunglasses. Why? What do athletes need from their lenses in the best sports sunglasses?Not every sports sunglasses lens handles every light condition, and multi-sport athletes will often own a variety of pairs of sports sunglasses so that they are prepared for whatever the day brings. Some athletes opt for a few pairs of sports sunglasses with different lenses and others opt for one pair of sports sunglasses with multiple lens options.
I have often questioned the popularity of the multiple lens sports sunglasses as I own a few pairs of these. One pair, I have never changed the lens on, others, I can’t find the alternate lenses. I often thought the alternate lenses were a cheap lens and overall a multiple lens offer was more of a sales gimmick.
Then I started talking to people in the industry. It turns out I am not in the majority. Multiple lens arrays are very popular and can be the leading sales performer for many notable sports sunglasses brands.
So I went on a quest and examined the multiple lens ranges of the best sports sunglasses brands (checking to ensure that the quality of the alternate lens is as good as the base product). And I learnt a great deal about multiple lens products...
For price, they are worth it. When you do the math, three pairs of performance sports sunglasses will set you back more than one pair of sports sunglasses and two different lenses.
For performance, they are worth it. Most of the brands that are offering multi-array lens sunglasses offer good alternative lenses, and you can often pick and choose from a wide range. Just do your research and make sure the lenses are a good polycarbonate or even NXT (see my recent article on polycarbonate and NXT lens materials).
All AMO sports sunglasses are offered with multiple lens types, as standardAll AMO sports sunglasses are offered with multiple lens types, as standard
For comfort, they are worth it. If your sports sunglasses are uber comfortable and you’ve ‘worn them in’ to a point where you can’t even feel them on your face, why change sports sunglasses if you have the option to change lens?
For space, they are worth it. It’s smaller to carry around one pair of sports sunglasses with a pouch of alternate lenses, than many pairs of sports sunglasses.
For design, they are worth it. They’re just as stylish as other sports sunglasses on the market and there is no bulk or difference to the frame to allow for the interchangeable lens. You could even argue they will match more of your kit as you can change the colour of your lens to suit what you’re wearing. If you’re so fashionably inclined!
For ease, it’s an each way bet. Yes, it’s easier to slip one pair of sports sunglasses off and put another on rather than taking the time to remove existing lenses and put in a new pair and clean the fingerprints off. But, once you get the hang of it, it’s quick to make the switch. Either way, if you’re in a race, you’re probably not going to stop and muck around changing sunglasses.
For convenience, it’s an each way bet. I think it depends on whether you’re a ‘putter’ or a ‘leaver’ i.e. you put things away in the same place, or you just leave things around. In saying this, it’s just as easy to misplace a pair of sunglasses as it is to lose a pair of lenses.
For durability, it’s worth it. There is no increased danger in being able to break any part of the frame or lens just because it’s interchangeable. And, if you do break a lens, you will be able to buy a replacement very easily. It’s not as easy on stand-alone pairs.
In short, if you want to be prepared for any lighting condition a pair of multi-array lens sports sunglasses is definitely an option worth consideration. 
AMO sports sunglasses, depending on the model selected, come with a mirror finish medium dark lens and a low light lens as standard - and some models have an additional medium lens. AMO also provides a variety of lens upgrade options: NXT, photochromic, polarized, revo colour and a variety of low light, medium, medium dark and dark.

Also, a little about the author-
1. Tell us a little about yourself and your tri history
image2.JPGsee http://www.amosunglasses.com/about-amo/amo-s-story http://www.amosunglasses.com/featured-athlete/item/63-featured-athlete

2. What do you have on your schedule for the remainder of 2014 and 2015?

This year I did 2 MSIG ultra races 50km, 2 70.3 ironman races in Philipines and Taiwan, 2 Olympic tris in Hong Kong. In 2015 I will focus on a full ironman in either Japan or Canada.

image1.JPG 3. Favorite triathlon and why?
Hard to say. All different. Ironman South Africa in 2001 as it was my first and I was on my honeymoon. Ironman Hawaii Kona in 2005 as it was Kona. Ironman NZ as it was my fastest.

4. Favorite brick workout.
100km fast ride followed by 8km fast run if I have time but more often 45 min gym bike and 30 min run on a running machine

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Challenge AC- Only $199

For a limited time.. you can sign up for the innagural Challenge AC Half for $199!
I plan to be there and may or may not ask aid stations if they have fries or maybe a slice of Manco Manco pizza :)  Who is joining me!?!

Here are some of my personal Jersey vacation tips for those traveling there!

Here are a few questions Challenge answered to those wondering about changes.
1. Yes, we are offering a HALF distance to run simultaneously with the Full.
2. Yes, there will be relay and AB options for the HALF as well as the Full.
3. Yes, we tweaked the Swim, Bike, and Run courses to make them awesome'er than 2014.
4. Yes, this is the ONLY Full World Class Triathlon in the state of New Jersey...and the only race in the US with over 65,000 spectators/shoobies on the run course.
5. Yes, there will be Boardwalk Fries at the Finish.

I took this pic and sent it to my husband this summer... i.love.boardwalk.fries..... too much my waistline tells me :)

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Spartan Race Giveaway

*Not Sponsored*

As I start the blog up again (now that the off season approaches for many of us), I am excited to start it off with a giveaway.  Spartan Race was kind enough to offer 1 free entry to one of our readers!   
(Code will work one time for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any Spartan Race in the continental US) 

Although not a triathlon, this challenging series offers 3 different distances that push you to the limits!

Sprint {3ish Miles - 15 obstacles}
Super {8ish Miles - 20 obstacles}
Beast  {12ish Miles - 25 obstacles}

There are many events left for 2014 (California, Milwaukee, Carolinas, Ohio, Dallas, Mississippi & Boston).  Also if you don't win but still want to become a Spartan, you can use SPARTANBLOGGER for 10% any remaining 2014 entry!!!