Thursday, July 2, 2015

RocketPure Giveaway!

Recently reviewed some products for RocketPure and have a giveaway opportunity!  Not a sponsored post. Was just given the items for review. Excited to share these products with lucky winners!

Here are my product reviews:
Was given the opportunity to review some products by Rocket Pure and excited to share my thoughts with you about these ALL NATURAL products. I was given:  Foot Powder (which comes in 2 scents, I got the Cedar Wood), Lip balm and sunscreen. 

Here are my thoughts on the products:

Natural Cedarwood Revive Foot and Shoe Deodorizing PowderFoot and Shoe Deodorizing Powder-  There was no better test subject than my 10 yr old son's feet for this review.  We regularly throw out socks with him and attempt to make him go through a clean your feet with baby wipes before he goes to bed routine.  No amount of running/biking could make my shoes smell like his.. so he was our test subject.

I had him apply a small amount after every shower before he went to bed and sprinkled a small amount his shoes every other day.  I can honestly say after 2 weeks, his shoes smelled like they had those cedar wood inserts in them vs. a locker room with dead zombies.  We were pretty strict on the regimen and then I let him stop for a bit.  The effects of the powder lasted another 4 days without applying it at all.  Definitely a great product and from his words: "my feet didn't feel like they were as stinky when I used it".  I have been watching him use the product on his own without my pestering which is a true sign the product is working.

For me, I have used the powder on my feet and also in my shoes. My only "lesson learned" moment was that I sprinkled it into my wet shoes after Espirit deShe and didn't evenly apply it so it dried a bit clumpy.. smelled great but a bit clumpy.  In retrospect, I should have dried the shoes out in the sun and then removed my soles and applied a light even layer onto my soles. 

3 oz SPF 30 Sunscreen With Lipbalm Combo PackSuncreen and LipBalm-
I was the one that tested the sunscreen and lip balm.  The sunscreen was great. I have used it running and on the bike. I didn't experience it run into my eyes at all which was great!  When you apply it, it is very thick due to the natural zinc which is the main ingredient. The sunscreen left a little bit of white residual when first applied.  It disappeared quickly and learned many sunscreens use extra chemicals to get the sunscreen to disappear quickly.  Was happy to have it a little white for an extra 10 minutes for less chemicals. 

The lip balm also had a bit of the thicker feel (compared to my Chapstick I have used).  I definitely recommend it for physical activity.  Similar to the sunscreen, the extra thickness helped it stay on longer....  Swimming especially.  Many times when i get out of the pool, the first thing i do it reapply chapstick but with this lip balm, i could still feel it working after a swim.

The products were great and happy I was able to test them.  Will order more when they are gone.. esp the foot powder!  All of the products are manufactured in the USA which is also something I love.  Check out their site, the good people at: RocketPure have been me a code for 10% off one product and 15% off two or more coupon code:

Enter my rafflecopter for 2 chances to win!  (1 winner will get the foot powder and another sunscreen and lip balm)

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