Giving Back

**Hoping to highlight charities or volunteer opportunities.  Please contact if you would like to add to this page. 

Medals4Mettle-  a nonprofit organization that collects medals and donates them to people battling something difficult in their life (i.e. illness, disease, overcame obstacle, displayed courage)
*****This charity is ALWAYS looking for worthy medal recipients to award medals to!  (we also welcome medal donations but are more in need of recipients Please contact if you know of someone that you believe is worthy of a donated medal.  

Personal Story:  I, Nic Kesten, am the Chicago Coordinator for Medals4Mettle. I first got involved with M4M when I read an article in Runner's World in 2008 and feel in love with the Charity.  It was the eve of my first marathon and I felt very strongly that I wanted to donate my first marathon medal to my severely handicapped cousin.  She cannot walk/talk and has seizures multiple times a day.  Her life has been nothing but easy and I wanted to give her my medal as a testament of how much I love and admire her courage.  After crossing the finish line, I was so excited to get my medal and then began to struggle with the idea of giving it up.  After a week, I mailed the medal to my cousin.  It seriously was the best feeling I have had in my endurance "career."  Shortly after gifting the medal and become the Chicago Coordinator. It has been an awesome way to give back and see how generous endurance athletes can be!

Active:Water is a faith based 501c3 non-profit who provides wells for clean drinking water, sources of hygiene, job training for people in Zambia and Cambodia on those wells and hygiene sources, and the love of Christ.  Active:Water challenges you to use your passion and God-given talents to raise awareness and funds.  Anything and everything can be an outlet to help people.  From bakes sales and homemade wrist bands to running ultra marathons and completing Ironmans.  Find out more or get involved at   *blogger Tom Costello is involved with this charity

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