About this Blog

Well, hello there.
After some google searching and having no luck finding a central place for Chicago Triathlete Bloggers to connect.... this blog was born! What started as a ChiTriBlogger site only has grown to a national database for Triathlon Bloggers to connect. 

My hope is to:
  • Allow fellow bloggers to find one another and connect
  • Highlight and feature Bloggers of all levels "Tri-Friends"
  • Feature Pro Interviews "Tri-Pros"
  • Share articles about "Tri-Life" &  "Tri-Coaching"
  • Review products related to triathlon
  • Have special nods to the ChiTriBloggers to not forget the initial motivation for the blog
  • Share coupon codes if people know of them... as we all know, tris and gear can be pricey
  • Have giveaways as my budget allows
  • and hopefully much more as the blog evolves! 
  • Please note: i work full time and try to be a good mom/wife so I only post to the blog as I am able.
I have a few other friends that will post on here or start posts and I finish to provide a little variance in audience.  If you are interested in helping out, let me know! 

Companies - Feel free to contact us if you would like to share your product, race event, charity or looking for brand/race ambassadors. We never ask for money (but wouldn't turn it down) however, we do ask for you to consider a giveaway to compliment the product review or a comped entry to a race to share a coupon code.  Any products that are tri/endurance focused are welcome and smaller/American owned companies are even more appealing.

Most of the product reviews will go to other bloggers to review to keep unbiased/diverse opinions and to support the bloggers themselves. (Unless I really want the item and I will review it :)  Bloggers that interact with us via social media will be the first people we ask to review products.  

Bloggers/Coaches - If you are interested in being featured, feel free to reach out.  Can't guarantee that the tri-paparazzi (or better yet, sponsors) will be chasing you down after a feature but I would love to try to help you gain exposure.  Tri-Friends range from the Pro to newbie as I really like encompass every triathlete that is towing the line.  Coaches, contact me and i might have some suggestions of articles that i think the readers would like and/or we could feature an article you have previously written. 

This site is to provide everyone with something.  Thanks for being part of the tri-community.

**Please note I, Nicole Kesten, am a sponsored Challenge Family Group Triathlete and will plug their races from time to time.  As I have loved them years before making their team, I would be doing this regardless (and in fact, I have)

Commenting your information (or agreeing to via another social media site)  If you would like to remove your name from the blogroll, please contact me and will do so as soon as I can.  


  1. mydestinationtraining.blogspot.com is following you.

  2. soccertotriathlete.blogspot.com Love this site. Actually met my triathlon coach through it. Thanks!

  3. I'm nt sure if we've connected yet or not because I see my blog on your feed to the right. I have started a podcast with another blogger chronicling our road to our first full Ironman distance race next year. The podcast is Ironman: Year One and on iTunes. My blog is fatslowtriathlete.com.

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  5. Not in the Chicago Area, but stumbled upon your blog today -- wish I found you sooner! Just finished my first tri and think I'll do another one. If only to let me blog more!


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    Contact me if interested: lmeyers@thedailymeal.com

  7. Would love if you guys took a look at my new blog... I'm hoping to make Kona next year! Best wishes from Scotland :)

  8. Great site! I'm blogging about my journey from "couch to ironmom" - its a work in progress ;) I'd love to hear from others


  9. Maintaining your current Quad Bike -- ATV - Buggy - Minimoto between your manufacturers ASSIST schedules is usually very mouse clicks AND ALSO In case always be second nature on the owner of an machine.

  10. Hi Nicole - great site! I've started following you as I just got into the world of triathlons. I've created a blog myself at www.pathtotri.com to document my journey. Thanks, Eric

  11. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for having this site! I am very new to this tri-world and it means a lot to have a network of like minded people. I love all things 'health' and have committed myself to be a 'tri-lifer'. My blog is www.triathlonlovely.blogspot.ca.

  12. Hi Nicole, thank you for this site. Great resource and very informative. I'm a former age-group runner turned triathlete. Got hooked and now I'm working my way to 140.6 with a goal of IMAZ 2015. I started a blog to tell my stories and to share information that I pick up along the way. Please check it out and consider adding it to your Southern regional list. Site is: http://bustedrunner.com/ Find me on twitter @TheMikeRe

  13. Love the site! check out: embracethemayhem.blogspot.com, follow me on twitter @ skellerDVM

  14. If anyone is interested in joining another community, http://www.swimbikerunner.com is looking for writers and active members.

  15. Came across your site by coincidence looking for triathlong bloggers. Great consolidation of some good sites. Have browsed through them a bit incuding yours - http://www.nicolekesten.blogspot.com.es/ - keep it up.

  16. Just came upon this site, what a great idea!

    Would love to be added to the south. Leegoocrap.blogspot.com

  17. Just came upon this site, what a great idea!

    Would love to be added to the south. Leegoocrap.blogspot.com

  18. Hi, I'm over in the UK, have been blogging for about 10 months now. Would love some feedback on the British take on it all

  19. found your blog and it is prey sweet, will be following

  20. Hi good concept, since 2004, we run a Triathlon Coaching Business from the south of France ( bit far away from you, but we do have several US athletes we coach on line, so would be good to join your community. Our site is:http://www.sancture-sportifs.com
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  21. Hi, I'm a triathlete and blogger in the Chicago area, and I recently started a blog which will be focusing on analysis of triathlon data (race results, GPS data, power data, etc). Link: calculatingtriathlete.blogspot.com

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  23. I would be honored if you would feature my blog. Tri-mama.com. It is the intersection of parenting, training and working full time. It is remarkable how much we can learn about ourselves when we put it in a training context and how much we can learn about triathlon when we put it in the context of life. Thanks. Dana P