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Created this tab as a quick way to find all of the features we have done.  Sectioned them out by Topic.  Happy Reading!!!

Featured Tri-Friends:

1. Mike McHale-Byron, IL
2. Jeremy Rielly- Evanston, IL
3. Grayson Keppler-Dallas, TX 
4. Lauren Wong-Chicago, IL 
5. Ryan Frederickson-Chicago/Purdue University
6. Ryan Giuliano-Chicagoland, IL
7. Ryan Olsen- Bakersfield, CA
8. Sara Randolph-Michigan
9. Team Res-Puli-Keller, TX
10. Amanda Remlinger-AZ 
11. Steve Crossman - Australia 
12.  Jamie- New York
13. Ciaran Alstowe- England  
14. Jenny Leiser- Charlotte, NC 
15. Ian King- Virginia Beach, VA 
16. Mike Hebert - Chicagoland, IL
17. Courtney Fields- Geneva,NY
18. Family Sport Life: The Newmans - Long Island, NY 
19. Coree Woltering - Ottawa, IL


1. Foot Care Tips-Dr Emily Splichal
2. Plant Based Life-Jason Bahamundi
3. Chocolate Protein Muffin-Kelly the Culinarian
4. Consider an Off Road Triathlon-Alex Modestou
5. Carb Loading Myth Buster- Jason Bahamundi
6. PB Oatmeal Bars - Kelly the Culinarian
7. Swim Techniques on Land- Abby Kramer 
8. Recovering from Injury-Charles Wu 
9. Kinesiology Tape- Abby Kramer
10. How To Beat the Sedentary Office Worker Blues- Alex Modestou 
11. Charity Feature:  Team RWB 
12. Ironman Year One Podcast- John and Andy
13. Interview with Found of Factor 75 - Nick Wernimont
14. Meal Planning for Training Athletes - Alexandra Economy, RD

Featured Tri-Pros:
1. Richie Cunningham
2. Ryan Frederickson
3. Malaika Homo
4. Lauren Goss 
5. Bree Wee 
6.  Jenny Leiser
7. Gina Crawford

1. Preparing for your first triathlon- Daniel McTainsh
2. Transition: Plan and Practice- Joe LoPresto
3. Improve swim technique.. start on land- Abby Kramer
4. The New Season Brings Healthy Changes- Melissa Li 
5. Kick: How, Why and Why - Laura McPhie
6. Should you do group rides?  - Tony Zamora
7. 12 Days of Christmas Workout - Katelyn Michaud
8. Success- Elizabeth Waterstraat

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